Thursday, December 29, 2016

Death of Jean-Christophe Victor, the master of the cards on Arte – Obs

practice the geography involved, it has contributed to the extension of geopolitics in France. anthropologist Jean-Christophe Victor, creator and presenter of the program of Arte, “Le dessous des cartes”, passed away Wednesday, December 28, at the age of 69 years.

The disappearance of the traveller tireless announced by the chain this Thursday, caused a rain of reactions and tributes on Twitter. And for cause, son of the explorer Paul-Emile Victor and the journalist Eliane Decrais, this lover of Asia had created “Le dessous des cartes” broadcast, the cult of art that builds on history and geography to “understand” current events. Designed for the Seven in 1990, the show was award-winning on numerous occasions, and was also broadcast on TV5 Monde.

Jean-Christophe Victor used to say that the cards were “always beautiful and interesting”.

“The transmission of knowledge as passion”

“In a world where information is often a lack of perspective, the work and the voice of Jean-Christophe Victor will miss you sorely,” responded in a press release the ministry of foreign Affairs, where he had worked.

“beyond her great professionalism”, the teams of Arte welcomed in a statement “his fidelity, rigor, but also its faith in the future and his optimism pegged to the body”.

“It was a lord integrates with the transmission of knowledge as passion”, has also tweeted Pascal Boniface, director of the Institute of international and strategic relations (Iris).

The minister of Culture, Audrey Azoulay, has paid tribute on Twitter : “Jean-Christophe Victor had a certain idea of public service is oriented towards the transmission of the complexity of the world to the greatest number.”

The anti-Google Maps

After a degree at the School of oriental languages and a phd in anthropology, with a thesis on Nepal, Jean-Christophe Victor had joined the ministry of foreign Affairs, first serving in Afghanistan, then at the Centre of analysis and forecasting in Paris.

He taught geopolitics at the War college (Collège Interarmées de Defense), but also in universities and cultural institutes, French language abroad.

co-Founder of the association Action against hunger, he had participated in many humanitarian missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In 1986, he published “city of whispers” (Editions Lattès), a book describing the entry of the Afghans in the war.

Jean-Christophe Victor was also the scientific director of the Laboratory for political studies and cartographic (Lepac), a private laboratory he had co-founded with his partner Virginie Raisson, an expert in international relations.

preparing for the opening of The space museum of the worlds polar, scheduled for February 2017 in the station jurassienne des Rousses, and had just published a new atlas “Le dessous des cartes – Asia” (editions Arte/Tallandier). A book in which he condemns in particular the lies of Google Maps. “Google agrees to dismiss entire regions to markets. It is a profound intellectual dishonesty”, was it recently in an interview to “Liberation”.

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