Friday, December 30, 2016

Who is Fadi Fawaz, the last love of George Michael ? – Paris Match

Since the death of the singer, Fadi Fawaz is One of the world’s newspapers.

Fadi Fawaz is the man who discovered the morning of Christmas, the lifeless body of George Michael. The young man of 43 years was his companion since 2011, his confidant, his lover, and much more. He is now totally devastated by the loss of being so loved. It is on Twitter that he had chosen to share her just a few hours after the tragedy. “This is a Christmas that I won’t forget it. Find his partner died peacefully in his bed… You don cesseras, me miss”.

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Since the death of George Michael, the name of Fadi Fawaz is in all the newspapers, posted in One of the world’s media. However, before covering the death of singer, a person was not really the one who shared the life of George for several years. The couple has been throughout their relationship very discreet, not showing ever in the social gatherings, which do no actual formalization on a red carpet. It is little to say if the only photos of Fadi and George together have only been taken by paparazzi !

In his professional life, Fadi Fawaz is an accomplished man. No need to George Michael to shine. Of lebanese origin, after a childhood in Australia, Fadi becomes a hairstylist to the stars, recognized by the entire profession. He has worked with the top Naomi Campbell, singer Nicole Sherzinger or even the actress Emily Blunt. But more broadly, it is he who has made these last years to George Michael the stability, the happiness, and especially peace of mind.

For this last Christmas, George and Fadi had everything organized. The two men wanted to spend December 25 together, in the house of the singer located in the district of Orfordshire, and enjoy this day to love a little more. Fate decided otherwise. “George was looking forward to Christmas… me too. Now, everything is ruined,” said Fadi in the “Telegraph”. “I want people to remember the person he was : a beautiful person”.

a Few days after the tragedy, on the Twitter account of Fadi, the profile picture and his bio had been changed. The young man appears to be kissing George on the cheek, with the caption in a few words : “You made me miss my life.”

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