Saturday, December 24, 2016

Media,Maintenance Menes : “I can only say thank you” – L’É

Transplanted a liver and a kidney, there are twelve days, the journalist of Canal+ tells us about her operation and her desire to return very quickly to the antenna.

For a few months, the communications were shorter. Small text messages, fast conversations shortened, not too much tired… We have all read with interest, and to reassure his little messages on Twitter being outraged by a game in football, a statement or a stupid move, since it could not hold its place, since the school year began, on the plateau of the Canal Football Club. We knew the seriousness of his condition and the transplant of a kidney and of the liver on which it did not publicly disclose. Pierre Menes he told us : “‘t worry, you know me, I’ll fight, I don’t want to die.” There was concern when a lot of them. Last Sunday, it was learned that the operation was successful. And yesterday, on the eve of Christmas, it was finally heard on the phone, with a voice very tired but playful too at times. We smiled, and he with us…

” How are you ?
I’m not too bad today, but yesterday, it was not that at all. I was very tired, I practically slept the whole day, I suffer not evil. There are ups, downs, this is normal.

When are you going to leave the hospital ?
I don’t know yet, I am not on my legs, so it seems a bit complicated to go elsewhere.

You have received a double transplant liver-kidney ?
I am suffering from cirrhosis of the liver known as NASH (non-alcohol-related). My liver no longer worked and I had a renal failure in the terminal phase. It was revealed in April, I’ve lost forty pounds since. I knew in July that I had to be grafted. I have been operated on by four surgeons at the hospital Beaujon, Clichy-la-Garenne (Hauts-de-Seine, france), the best in Europe at the level of the graft. They are 130 per year.


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