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Death of Carrie Fisher : what is the impact on the next “Star Wars” ? – Obs

“We’re lost, this time Princess Leia will not be able to escape…” This is a replica of C3PO to R2-D2, in the first “Star Wars” resonates strangely on Wednesday 28 December, following the death of Carrie Fisher, the unforgettable princess Leia from the famous saga. She was only 60 years old, and the announcement of his death leaves many fans of the triple trilogy in amazement.

The spectators had discovered the princess Leia and his legendary braided hair in macaroons in “star wars” in 1977, renamed from “Star Wars, episode IV : A new hope”. It was then only 19 years old. Carrie Fisher then became an unlikely sex symbol in 1983 in “Star Wars, episode VI : Return of the Jedi”. She appeared in a bikini golden, chained to Jabba the Hutt, a kind of slug giant, a smuggler-in-chief of the famous galaxy far, far away.

Much more recently Carrie Fisher – promoted from princess to the rank of general, commander-in-chief of the rebellion – was re-established in December 2015, alongside Han Solo and Luke Skywalker in the latest installment in “Star Wars, episode VII : The awakening of the Force”. While the character of Han Solo is (very likely) killed by his son, Kylo Ren, Leia Organa does not die in this opus.

the end of The film leaves even a glimpse that she was to play a key role in the next installment, episode VIII, planned for the month of December 2017… What about this episode ? And the next ?

episode VIII “in the box”

This is, without a doubt, after the excitement of the news of his death, the question that agitates most of the fans of the triple trilogy. And there is a good news, despite the sadness of this day : episode VIII has already been fully turned. The team had announced the end of filming last July.

“It’s in the box”, was confirmed Mark Hamill on Twitter.

A very short trailer had even been released on this occasion by the production.

And Carrie Fisher will be well at the shows, alongside Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, and Gwendoline Christie, who will return to their roles. Photos of shooting the show :


may the force be with episode IX

For episode IX of the triple trilogy, it is much more complex… The filming was scheduled to begin in April 2017, according to an information of the site My Entertainment World. So obviously, no Carrie Fisher… The date of the shoot may be shifted, due to the tragedy the team of the saga, which could push the film’s release, scheduled for 2019.

The information was dated last week. This morning, she was no longer on the site… The blur is so total. But the two assumptions are in conflict.

The death of Carrie’s death, Leia ?

First assumption : the princess Leia became commander-in-chief of the rebellion had to die in episode VIII and does not appear in episode IX…

“there were rumours that, on the screenplay for episode VIII, it was a question that she dies in the movie. Is it that the writers have kept it, that we don’t know”, explains RTL Arnaud Mirallès, the president of the 501st Legion of France, the unique association of fans in costumes of the Star Wars saga.

promettrait a film of intense emotions…

Second assumption : she had to survive on the eighth episode and the filming of the episode IX will be disturbed by the death of the actress. Two solutions to the filmmakers of the last two episodes and the production team. They can choose to modify the scenario of the episode VIII or the beginning of the episode IX, to make (really) die, the princess, or at least to diminish its role in the scenario, as was the case for actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, who passed away before the filming of the last installment of Hunger Games.

A Leia digital ?

Other solution : use of computer images, in order to restore its character by a computer, or to appeal to another actress, in order to “conceal” her disappearance.

Technically, to reconstitute a character, in which the actor is deceased or has aged, is in fact feasible, as shown by the very fleeting scene of the end of the “Rogue One”, the film derived from the saga of the original that is currently in the lead at the box office since its release in mid-December, and in which appears a “young” Carrie Fisher. The technique had also been envisaged for the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, before the team makes a step back.

After the death of Richard Harris in 2002, the directors of the saga Harry Potter, they decided to change the actor to interpret the famous director of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. But who could take over the symbolic torch (in the shape of a blaster) of Carrie Fisher, without offending the fans ?

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