Saturday, December 31, 2016

Good year 2017 – Imaz Press Meeting

here We are in 2017, a happy new year ! As you spend these first hours of the year on a beach, in family, at work, at The Meeting, in the metropolis or elsewhere, we hope that you begin 2017 surrounded by those that are dear to you.

Finally, it is the end of 2016, some might say. Because of the 366 days that have gone by, we remember often the worst. The news has been marked by deadly attacks in Nice, Berlin, Orlando, or even Istanbul, the martyrdom of the syrian people or migrants runs aground in the Mediterranean.

These shock waves were felt up to The Meeting, even if it is his famous "live together", is not spared from the fear and the spectre of racism. The topics that divide the Natives are still numerous, in the image of the crisis sharks, which goes on to fuel the controversy. The ends of months are always challenging and unemployment continues to increase at The Meeting, while it decreases for three months at the national level.

2017 arrives with his deadlines crucial. In 2016, voters have bucked the opinion polls in the United Kingdom, which has opted for Brexit, and the United States, who have chosen Donald Trump. What to do to shake the French political class, as it prepares for the presidential election.

It is illusory to expect that the year 2017 is good news. After all, why would a simple date change could change the face of the world ? In spite of everything, every first day of the year, many of us keep the hope that the worst is behind us and that the best is yet to come. It is this hope that we want to celebrate today, wishing you, for the 17th consecutive year, an excellent year. All our wishes of health, success and happiness.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support. You’re loyal readers, commentators and regular, our editors time, the "haters" desperate, or secret admirers, we thank you for being there, more and more many, to be demanding and pushing us to always do better.

The team Imaz Press


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