Friday, September 2, 2016

M6, Ophelia Miller wants to “be part of the life” – Europe1

Nicolas de Tavernost, head of M6 group had openly complimented when he was invited to the show Tube , on Canal +. Ophelia Miller, arrives this fall on M6 to animate Forbidden Zone and replaces Wendy Bouchard, part of France 3. A rapid promotion for the young woman of 28 who fought back to be on Europe 1 a fashion fad. On the “small chain that goes,” the journalist wants to “be part of the term”

. “They said, continues to be that you are” “I hope it will last long [M6],” said Ophelia Meunier. It complements: “I did a year at Diary , a year to the Tube … I want to register in time.” The journalist, who replaced Marie-Ange Casalta this summer at the presentation of the M6 ​​newspaper, wants to be considered a full reporter: “I’m not just throwing subjects,” says one who demanded to be deputy editor of Forbidden Zone . The show will also slightly revised since the first season will be shot entirely outside as the first Sunday in number, turned to Monaco and dedicated to the princely secret. Ophelia Miller also says he was welcomed by the team of the magazine “I did not feel any doubts or skepticism,” she says. “The best advice you gave me in four years is to stay as I am.”

“When I saw myself, I was broken.” “I know everything is faster, especially in this society, especially in TV,” admits Ophelia Meunier who remembers the strong criticism against him to debut on Canal +. . “It reinforced On the stroke me, it’s still hard People probably think we do not read the comments or tweets.. It’s wrong It affects us, especially when it’s free.” Ophelia Meunier especially remembers his first in Tube on Canal +, the first show she presented: “It was a disaster, I was stressed and badly in my shoes when I saw myself. I am broken me. ” A test of fire that served him: “What I have learned Tube, I put it under M6″

“Canal + gave me a chance”. “The starting Canal was not painful,” said Ophelia Meunier which emphasizes that it is on this channel that debuted and had “a chance.” “They gave me everything at first, but understood my decision,” added the journalist. She does not answer to criticism, like Sébastien Thoen who is nicknamed “the intern TNT”, and puts the negative side: “I do not think in the fall, it would feel I take every time opportunities. that arise. “


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