Friday, January 6, 2017

The touching farewell from Michelle Obama to the White House – The Point

Michelle Obama has made Friday a touching farewell to the White House, praising the “beautiful diversity” of America, and urging the youth not to be afraid of the future, but to fight for its freedoms.

“to Be First lady was the greatest honor of my life, I hope that you have been proud of me”, has launched, with tears in the voice, the first “First Lady” afro-american in the history of the United States.

within two weeks of the arrival to power of Donald Trump, the wife of Barack Obama called on Americans not to give up and be assets to “protect and preserve” their freedoms.

“all young people who listen, know that this country belongs to you, to all of you, regardless of your origin or your career,” said this daughter of small employees which came out a graduate of Princeton and Harvard, two of the most prestigious american universities.

“If you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a tradition of which America is proud (…) you should also Note that the religious diversity is also a great american tradition, whether you are muslims, christians, jews, hindus, sikhs,” added the First Lady, without ever mentioning the name of the next president which it denounced with virulence, during the campaign, the taken position.

“Our beautiful diversity makes us what we are,” said the First lady, who at age 52, indicated that it intended to continue its work focusing on the education of girls, in the United States but also around the world.

- ‘Do not be afraid !’ -

“Do not be afraid ! Can you hear me ? Do not be afraid, be determined, be invested !”, she continued. “This is my last message as the First lady for you, young Americans. It is a simple message”.

After you have boasted, in 2008 and then in 2012, the virtues of her husband to the White House, the First lady was heavily involved by the end of 2016 in favour of the candidate, democrat Hillary Clinton, denouncing the “language of hatred” of his opponent, a republican.

In a speech in mid-October in New Hampshire, she had denounced, the trembling voice of anger, the attitude is “frightening” candidate Donald Trump against women, saying it “chilled to the bone”-beyond what she could imagine.

“This is not normal. This is not just the political game. It’s a shame. It is intolerable,” she started, before discussing the bad memories that this episode of the campaign has been a resurgence in it: “the derogatory comments about our bodies, and the lack of respect for our ambitions and our intelligence.”

beyond the defence of the causes on which it is committed –the fight against obesity, help to the families of veterans– the First Lady is, in the past two years, expressed more often and more directly on inequalities in american society and racial questions.

If popularity stainless has regularly fueled questions about his ambitions election, she reiterated, on every tone, that she would not be in the arena.

“Michelle will never be a candidate”, has once again said Barack Obama a few weeks ago. “She has a complicity incredible with the Americans. But, as I say, laughing, “it is too sensitive for wanting his start in politics”.

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