Sunday, January 8, 2017

Voyeurism : the response of Karine Le Marchand to Mazarine Pingeot – The Point

His word is rare, but it was recently released in the silence to give his support to Vincent Peillon in the primary organized by the PS. Mazarine Pingeot, the daughter of François Mitterrand, was the guest of’there is no couche Saturday to present his latest novel Thea. For ONPC, she has been invited to give its opinion on the issuance ambition, Intimate, presented by Karine Le Marchand (M6). The woman of letters, whose relationship with his father has long been hidden to the general public, has étrillé the aspect voyeuristic of issuance.

” I don’t watch the show, and I don’t really want to watch it. What amazes me, is the promotion of intimacy among a man policy to the detriment of the discourse (…). I think this goes with the drift of society, and that it is rather sad and disturbing “, explained Mazarine Pingeot, stressing that it was necessary to ” change the political discourse “.

audience Success controversial

the ambition of Intimate is a success for the hearing of the end of the year for M6. Presented by Karine The trader, the show is a portrait of the political figures of the contemporary in a way shifted and intimate. The guests do not speak of policy, but of their personal journey. Positioning of controversy for many observers : “This kind of treatment has no interest with the political debate. The show looks like a soap u.s., with its beautiful scenery and its beautiful lights, ” blasted in The Parisian Roselyne Bachelot. The point of view of Mazarine Pingeot has not, however, really liked the presenter of the show Karine Le Marchand, who quickly countered on the social networks.

A direct reference to the letters written by François Miterrand for his “Animour” Anne Pingeot, mother of Mazarine. Mazarine Pingeot had agreed to the publication of a selection of these love letters late last year. On France Culture, she was then asked if she had ” done well “. Will react to the criticism of Karine Le Marchand ?


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