The actress Sveva Alviti, on November 30, 2016, at the premiere of “Dalida”, in Paris. – SIPA

Guest Thursday night on the plateau of the Grand Journal in the framework of the promotion of the film Dalida, the actress Sveva Alviti has been the victim of a malaise live.

The incident occurred shortly after 19: 30. While in Orlando, the brother of the singer disappeared, spoke, the actress has suddenly returned to the public, and then collapsed on the ground.

The presenter, Victor Robert and the other guests came to his aid, the director of the film, Lisa Azuelos, referring to ” a seizure “. The antenna was quickly interrupted.

After a long commercial break, Victor Robert was intended to be reassuring : “She is resting “.

” This is someone who doesn’t cheat, explained Lisa Azuelos about the Italian actress of 32 years. It is given to the background in the promo as it is given in substance in the film. It is so skin-deep that, sometimes, it gives this. “

” She can be hard to get out of the character of Dalida “said Orlando, speaking of an actress who” doesn’t cheat “.

Victor Robert and his guests have decided not to continue the emission.

on Friday morning, the replay of the broadcast was not available on the website of Canal +.

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