Thursday, January 5, 2017

Guillaume Canet retort with a shot of Marion Cotillard particularly badly dressed Gala

For two days, Guillaume Canet and his companion Marion Cotillard mock the one and the other by pictures in-the-middle, on the social networks. After a replica of the actress, Guillaume Canet brand on Thursday 5 January a second point by unveiling a photo of Marion Cotillard damn evil. Hilarious!

2 – 1 for Guillaume Canet! Since yesterday, Wednesday, January 4, the actor and his girlfriend Marion Cotillard is engaged in a war without thank you on the social networks. clichés wacky come together on Instagram. And if Guillaume Canet has launched the hostilities by posting a photo of the actress in the sleeping, mouth open, on the train, this last did not hesitate to replicate this on Thursday. Viewers were able to discover a Guillaume Canet little sexy: slippers to the feet and hot water bottle under the arm. A battle by photographs in-the-middle who is obviously not ready to stop.

The director, 43-year-old has just unveiled a photo to the hilarious Marion Cotillard. It sees the interpreter of The Kid very badly dressed, a far cry from his outfits and chic on the red carpet, even pregnant with her second child. The actress is not wearing, or wearing makeup, wearing a black baseball cap and sunglasses, a long coat navy blue with fleece lining and red scarf yellow chick. To complete this look is very studied, Marion Cotillard had apparently decided to wear only one sock. Guillaume Canet has, of course, pointed out this essay style. “We’re going to really talk about clothes@marioncotillard ?!! It is well-Rock it or not ?! #casquettebatman #oukelleestmachaussette #oscarwinnermarioncotillard #RockNRollChallenge“, a-t-he commented on his photo.

usually very discreet about his private life, the couple seems to make an exception this time. Currently in full promotion of the film Rock’n’roll directed by Guillaume Canet, where they embody their own role, this battle sounds like a promotion 2.0 of this new feature.

who, Then, will be the most rock’n’roll of the two? Answer the 15 February, at the cinema.


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